Tilck OS

Vladislav K. Valtchev
Project active since
Kernel type
IA-32, x86-64
User interface
Console / Framebuffer
BSD 2 Clause

Tilck is an educational monolithic x86 kernel designed to be Linux-compatible at binary level. Project's small-scale and simple design makes it the perfect playground for playing in kernel mode while retaining the ability to compare how the very same usermode bits run on the Linux kernel as well. That's a unique feature in the realm of educational kernels. Because of that, building a program for Tilck requires just a i686-musl toolchain from bootlin.com. Tilck has no need to have its own set of custom written applications, like most educational kernels do. It just runs mainstream Linux programs like the BusyBox suite. While the Linux-compatibility and the monolithic design might seem a limitation from the OS research point of view, on the other side, such design bring the whole project much closer to real-world applications in the future, compared to the case where some serious (or huge) effort is required to port pre-existing software on it. Also, nothing stops Tilck from implementing custom non-Linux syscalls that aware apps might take advantage of.


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