University of Information Science in Havana
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Cuba government
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Nova is an operating system that uses the Linux kernel and includes certain computer application packages to meet the needs of Migration to Open Source Platforms that Cuba experiences as part of the Company's Computerization process. It is the recommended operating system to be used as a base technology for the deployment and development of computer applications in the Central Administration of the State. In this sense, the system has been installed in more than 100 000 computers assembled in the GEDEME factory, which are destined for national organizations and institutions.

The use of Nova variants offers users the possibility of having their customizable operating system, tailored to their needs, with a professional support team trained and within reach; It will also make it possible to offer tailored solutions to Cuban institutions, taking into account the technological characteristics of our country. The use of Nova and its aggregate products significantly increase the levels of security, sovereignty, socio-adaptability and sustainability of the computerization of current Cuban society.

Nova Desktop

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