Mantas Kriaučiūnas
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Lithuanian language speakers
Parent Distribution
Ubuntu, Debian

Baltix is an operating system for Lithuanian and Latvian people, based on Debian and Ubuntu. The main language is Lithuanian.

Baltix has software packages not included in default Ubuntu CD/DVD images:
- Educational software for kids and adults, including GCompris, TuxPaint, Atomix, etc.
- Parental Control and Content Filtering software GNOME Nanny, Dansguardian-GUI
- Possibility to run software, compiled for Windows OS Wine (software)
- Vector graphic, CAD and diagram drawing software, including Inkscape, QCAD and Dia
- Multimedia software - VLC, Cheese, Pitivi and additional video+audio codecs
- Internet telephony (VOIP) software, compatible with Google Talk - Empathy
- Lightweight Desktop Environment - GNOME-Classic (gnome-panel) and LXDE + PCManFM (older versions had IceWM as lightweight Window Manager)
- Accounting software (HomeBank), Clipart, CAD and office documents templates
- Lots of other packages, which are useful for Lithuanians and other Baltic people,
   - including - connections to Lithuanian/Latvian mobile Internet providers and drivers for popular 3G and 4G (Wimax) modems
   - universal dictionary software OpenDict
   - various spelling and hyphenation dictionaries, etc.

Baltix Desktop

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