Kora OS

Fabien Bavent
Project active since
Kernel type
IA-32, x86-64, ARM
User interface

KoraOs is an operating system written and designed from scratch. It's developed as a hobby by an enthusiast developer.


KoraOs' kernel is using virtual memory, with basic page allocation. It use proper recycling of pages, but no swap is available. On Intel architecture, proper CPUs features identification is made but yet poorly used. The kernel is multi-core ready (thread-safe) but still require some work to be used.

The kernel is multi-process, multi-thread but not multi-user yet. Tasks can be created to be either on kernel or in userspace. New task can be created either from clean slate (Windows way) or forked (Unix way).

Devices capabilities

The kernel provides numerous types of files and devices: block devices, char devices, pipes, directory (or volume), regular files, video streams (surface, camera or screens), network devices and sockets. (Note that file types are different from UNIX).

All those files and devices can be access through an evolved VFS (virtual file system) with good caching facilities.

The network stack support the protocols: Ethernet, ARP, IPv4, ICMP, DHCP, UDP. The kernel provided a basic DHCP client which allow for automatic IP configuration.

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