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Liquid Lemur Linux is a custom Debian distro, based on the Stable branch. Currently we have one desktop available, a Hybrid Window Maker (shown above). Available in 64bit only. Lemur includes the latest Window Maker base, custom Lemur and Window Maker apps, and lots of custom scripts / artwork. It was created to fill the void left behind by others in the same class. The goal was simple — create a fairly fast and functional base distro, that was also pleasing to the eyes. Liquid Lemur was never intended to be a “Beginner’s” distro. However, anyone familiar with Linux should be able to figure it out. We also offer help, via this site, to those that may need it. At the same time, we also accept help and suggestions from others that may have more experience in the field, as we are by no means “experts.” Liquid Lemur is a hybrid of sorts. Taking bits and pieces from many other distros, to build a more complete package.

Lemur desktop

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