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Atari ST, Firebee, ARAnyM
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FreeMiNT is a free, open-source operating system for 16/32bit Atari computers and clones, based on the original MiNT by Eric Smith and officially adopted by Atari Corp. It is compatible with TOS, but adds a lot of new functionality not available in any other TOS-compatible operating system.

FreeMiNT is the name of the actual operating system, consisting of a kernel and a GEM compatible AES (XaAES). This is all you have to install if you only want to be able to run GEM-programs concurrently (ie. multi-tasking).

There are many good reasons for using FreeMiNT, the best reason is probably that you find it interesting! FreeMiNT offers a lot that TOS or other TOS-compatible operating systems don't.

  • FreeMiNT is constantly being developed and supported by the FreeMiNT community.
  • It's very flexible - it can be used as a pure multitasking GEM-replacement if you just need to run GEM-applications concurrently, or it can be used as a lightweight unix-clone.
  • It's modular & extensible - support for additional features like file systems or networking can be added as modules.
  • It's completely free (ie. owned by no-one). If you want, you can modify FreeMiNT to your needs and share your work with the FreeMiNT community.
  • Runs on all Ataris, clones and emulators. Exotic hardware like the Afterburner or CT60 is supported.
  • FreeMiNT also runs on the FireBee¬†in either 68060 mode with FireTOS or native ColdFire mode with EmuTOS.
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