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Other operating systems are designed to run on extremely complex hardware environments, but Dawn operating system is designed for the SUBLEQ architecture, which have no traditional instruction set. This allows a Dawn compatible processor and computer to be designed from a millionth costs than a traditional CPU.

Dawn operating system is a traditional, classical, content creational operating system with multi-windowing, multi-process, and multi-thread support. While other mainstream operating systems are content consuming operating systems designed only for communication and content consume, Dawn operating system was designed to supply a computing platform, where the user have full control over the hardware. Dawn requires no connection with foreign servers to operate: there are no thousands of mystic packages or strange updates to download to use Dawn. Dawn operating system has everything to achieve something no other operating system from this era can supply for you: computing. Dawn offers a mature traditional user interface and friendly appearance to help you while you work, learn, do scientifical simulations, write and run your own programs, or play. Everything is fun and happiness under Dawn, which is a love-child of a game console and office software rendering environment, with a minimalist stable API and large program-set. Dawn has no bloatware - its a modern operating system with modern graphics user interfaces and conventions, meanwhile it is supplying the features of the heavyweight stand-alone content creational traditional operating systems of the 80s and 90s. 

Dawn is a modern graphics operating system, it supports the following features:
- Big-endian 64-bit SUBLEQ CPU
- Mouse
- Keyboard
- Virtual keyboard
- Touchscreen
- Multi-touch
- 64-bit sound input and output on 8 channels
- 4 force-feedback joysticks
- 16 RGB cameras
- up to 32-bit RGBA graphics output, transparent screens are also supported
- An own P2P wireless networking protocol based on geolocation and requiring no external network provider cormprations
- CPU hot-plug
- Disk drive hot-plug
- Up to 100 individual disk-drive
- Basic tools like document reader, paint, wave player, process explorer, etc
- Some simple games like chess, amoeba
- C/C99 compiler that is capable of compiling codes written for the C programming language
- SMP support, up to basically unlimited CPU cores
- Very simple IO system that will stay constant for all future versions
- Memory and disk size support up to 2^63 bytes
- Battery, and power-saving features
- UTF8, unicode, ASCII
- Fast boot and shutdown

Dawn Desktop

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